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At Clarever Education we will work alongside Digital Strategy team and SLT and support you to   create a 3 or 5-year plan tailored to your University, College, Trust or school’s overall strategy, focus, and vision.


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Our Focus

We look at the 6 key pillars and convert them into a mind map to give you a holistic and easy-to-digest visual representation across all areas of your digital estate. The 6 Pillars are:

· Teaching and Learning

· Governance and Strategy

· Staff focus

· Pupil focus

· Infrastructure

· Communication and collaboration


Create an SRF (Self-review framework) that will give you a real picture of where you are on your digital transformation journey 


Create an IDP – IT Development Plan · Health check on current technology and software · Rag-rated document Assess the risk and identify the most critical areas of need · Strategic action points · Timelines · Potential Costs


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