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Digital signage in schools can indeed be a powerful tool for communication and engagement when used effectively.

Here are ways to maximise your digital signage, if you would like more help with the technology and software itself, please contact us


To make the most of your investment and ensure that screens are not sitting dormant, here are some key uses and strategies for utilising digital signage in schools:

  1. Information Dissemination: Use digital signage to display important information such as school announcements, news, and updates. This can include weather alerts, school closures, and general news that students and parents should be aware of.

  2. Timetables and Schedules: Display class schedules, exam timetables, and other important dates to help students stay organized and informed about their daily activities.

  3. Parent-Teacher Communication: Promote parent-teacher conferences, open houses, and other school events where parents can meet with teachers and staff. You can also display contact information for teachers and administrators.

  4. Promotion of School Events: Use digital signage to promote upcoming school events, such as sports games, concerts, fundraisers, and extracurricular activities. Include dates, times, and locations to encourage attendance.

  5. Achievements and Recognition: Showcase student achievements, awards, and accomplishments to boost their morale and motivation. This can include academic achievements, sports achievements, and artistic accomplishments.

  6. Safety and Emergency Information: In case of emergencies, digital signage can be used to display evacuation plans, emergency contact numbers, and safety procedures to ensure the well-being of students and staff.

  7. Educational Content: Incorporate educational content that can benefit students, such as trivia questions, historical facts, vocabulary words, or tips for studying effectively.

  8. Promotion of School Clubs and Activities: Highlight various school clubs, extracurricular activities, and organizations to encourage student involvement and participation.

  9. Cafeteria Menus: Display daily or weekly cafeteria menus so that students and staff can plan their meals in advance.

  10. Interactive Content: Consider interactive screens where students can access important information, browse through school resources, or engage with educational apps and content.

  11. Promotion of School Values and Culture: Reinforce the school's values, mission statement, and culture through inspirational quotes, videos, and images.

  12. Community Engagement: Share information about community events, local partnerships, and initiatives involving the school to foster a sense of community.

  13. Digital Art Gallery: Showcase student artwork, photography, and creative projects on a rotating basis to celebrate their talents.

  14. Survey and Feedback: Use digital signage to gather feedback from students, parents, and staff through surveys or QR code links to online feedback forms.

  15. Promote Sustainability: Highlight the school's eco-friendly initiatives, sustainability efforts, and tips for reducing environmental impact.

  16. To ensure that screens are not dormant, establish a content management plan that keeps the information up to date and relevant. Assign responsibility for content creation and updates to a specific team or individual. Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of your digital signage strategy to make improvements and maximize engagement.

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